People who enjoy regular massage therapy experience fewer illnesses, better moods, and an overall feeling of well-being. Studies have shown that massage increases awareness of mind-body connection, enhancing the capacity for calm thinking and creativity. Massage reduces levels of the stress hormone called cortisol, while boosting the feel-good hormone serotonin and dopamine. Those changes slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and block your nervous system’s pain receptors.

Prolonged stress leads to health issues. High levels of the cortisol hormone are associated with heart disease, cancer, stress, eczema, asthma, insomnia, depression, anger, anxiety, the inability to maintain healthy relationships, and gastrointestinal problems.

We invite you to pamper yourself at our Spa and take a break from your busy day to revitalize your body and mind.

Types of Massage


This cold therapy massage, is a non-invasive light,medium pressure therapy.Suitable for everybody perform by a professional massage therapist.
Cold therapy it triggers vasoconstriction,the narrowing of blood vessels,after the cold devices are removed the blood vessels dilate again,supplying
the effected areas with fresh blood and oxygen,and nutrients.


Vacuum Therapy plays an important role in any health or or anti aging regimen. It is completely safe, natural,and non-invasive. This treatment stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation. Getting a proper lymph flow helps eliminate toxins and wast products,which cause damage to the body and accelerate aging. This treatment is also used to minimize the appearance of cellulite.For best results,continuing regular sessions is advised,as well as following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. For more information click here.

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It improves circulation, eases muscle aches, and relieves tension. This flowing, moderate pressure massage induces a deep feeling of relaxation.


It uses pressure points in key areas around the body like feet, hands, and ears. This type of massage promotes relaxation and reduces pain, and anxiety (excellent for sore and pronated feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, and bunions).


It is Japanese (acupressure). In this technique the therapist applies pressure by using her thumbs, fingers, forearms, elbows, knees, and palms. This allows the body to release blocked energy.



It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.


A technique that combines the principles of acupuncture, massage, and micro current stimulation. It is used to treat chronic pain, scars, wrinkles, fibromyalgia, sciatica, whiplash, tennis elbow, etc.


The warmth of the stones in this massage penetrates deeply to relieve stress and melts away tension, re-balancing your body.


This modality provides the deepest pressure. Using bars and other props to support her own weight, the therapist walks on the client’s back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, and hands, while pressing, sweeping and swirling the muscles. Unlike any other massage, Ashiatsu is perfect for those who suffer from chronic pack pain, scoliosis, and bad posture.


By massaging the lymph nodes, this type of massage is a purifying and detoxifying, aiding in the elimination of toxins and bacteria. Benefits include: healing after surgery, better breastfeeding, improved immune system, and increased energy.


As your muscles relax in the wet hydro-table, your therapist works with a stream of water, using hot, warm, or cold water to shock and stimulate the nervous system and work deep into the muscles to wash away your tension.